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Amazon Honeycode

A Quick Intro to Honeycode by Amazon

Recently Amazon launched its newest service Honeycode which is still in the beta version and only supports us-west-2, Oregon region. You can easily register yourself with this beta version through the AWS console. It puts  the AWS into the no-code application competition with Microsoft Power Apps and Google Cloud’s AppSheet.

Facts about Honeycode

The main purpose of this honeycode is to allow users to build web and mobile apps without writing code.This no-code environment is built around an interface that’s similar to a spreadsheet. According to Jeff Barr (an Amazon Web Services (AWS) executive), if you’re familiar with spreadsheets and formulas already this a golden opportunity for you because many options, like sheets, tables, formulas and values, can also be applied in Honeycode.

Honeycode combines the known interface of a spreadsheet with the data management capability of a database. Customers can use its visual application builder to create interactive web and mobile applications backed by an AWS-built database to perform tasks including tracking data over time, routing approvals, notifying users of changes and facilitating interactive business processes, according to AWS. AWS Partner Network (APN) members can use Honeycode internally to improve their business processes or operations and productivity needs.

Amazon decided on the name Honeycode to entice business users for whom coding is out of reach or a little daunting.Honeycode is a great product for consulting/services partners to use to build apps for their customers when they have the time constraints.The service includes templates for common applications including simple to-do lists, customer tracking, simple surveys, inventory management, content tracking, time off reporting, event management, team task tracking, weekly demo schedules, field service agents and purchase order approvals.

Users have the option to import the data into a blank workbook and use the spreadsheet interface to define the data model and design application screens with objects like lists, buttons,input fields etc.Users can customize these apps at any time, and the changes will be deployed immediately

Applications can scale up to 100,000 rows in each workbook. Amazon Honeycode automates the building and linking of the three-tier functionality found in most of the business applications – Database, Business logic and User interface. The tool is very lightweight in this initial release and would not be a substitute for any custom solutions that partners would be building using AWS

You can pay with a credit card. To do so, you must create (unless you already have) an AWS account and then link it to your Honeycode team. You will enter your credit card information when you sign up for the AWS account.


Amazon Honeycode is free to use for teams with up to 20 members and 2,500 rows per workbook. Upgrade to a paid plan when you need additional capacity. Honeycode has main 3 features which helps in the process of data storing and sharing.

Workbook : Workbooks hold Users’ table data, apps, and automations. A workbook is similar to a project folder. Sharing a workbook gives team members access to table data as well as apps.

Row : A range of data that runs horizontally across a table. In Honeycode, tables have the data that power apps.

Team : Teams are comprised of admins and members.Teammates can create and share workbooks, and build and share apps with other team members.
There is no limit to the number of apps you can create in your team.


Honeycode  has 3 pricing plans.


According to me, Honeycode has no cons yet. This is a pretty robust service. They have come up with many templates which I love as I always love the premade stuff to work off of. Clean user interface and experience . Users will be able to make some cool stuff with this. This is a nice start but in a perfect world, there could be even more options to play with.

Article by Brahada Srinivas

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