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How IT Industry will change Post COVID-19

COVID-19 may be one of the most significant factors which have impacted the IT industry and will impact the working culture in the IT industry in the upcoming years. As it is the most widespread pandemic since the internet era has evolved. Let’s discuss a few of the areas that it has impacted.

Change in the work environment: COVID has changed the way we work, work from home has been made mandatory in some fields and many firms are considering it to be in place post-COVID wherever possible. You should get yourself as much independent from office infrastructure as possible

What can we do:

  • Have a secondary internet setup in place
  • Have a power backup at least for a few hours
  • Get yourself familiar with online meeting tools and other tools which might be useful to you while you work from home.

New Application Requirements: Zoom was the most popular online meeting tool until a security threat was found in the platform and then it raised the demand for other meeting tools. Similarly, the post-COVID zero-touch working culture is getting popularity, for example, Bangalore Airport has declared itself to be providing the touchless journey, these types of the initiative will need new types of applications and ideas to be developed and used. Which will increase the demand in AI, automation and app development

What can we do:

  • Be updated on what’s new in demand and adapt accordingly
  • Polish your analytical and problem-solving skills

Changes in Job roles: While many companies are laying off employees there are also some job roles in the industry that have seen a spike in demand like Security, DevOps, Cloud, Big data etc.

What can we do:

  • Polish our skills so that we are not a part of the first cluster which is getting laid off
  • Acquire new skills and get certified so that it will open doors for jobs in new areas
  • Prepare for the worst, have a rainy day fund in place and update your resume with as many new skills you can, and new certificates that will add value to your resume

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Article by Ranjeet Kumar

I am a Cloud Solution Engineer at HybridSkill

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    Very informative and cautious for the future career.

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