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We take pride in using our keen sense of IT-Domain’s understanding to deliver exceptional advisory and consulting solution to our clients. Our team possesses an extensive track record of providing niche technology advisory to its clients which include renowned Fortune 500 companies.

01 /08

Cloud Migration

Among Iaas, PaaS, SaaS right cloud solution depends upon application workloads and technical expertise. Our experience of a vast set of cloud tools and technology drives us to offer cloud migration services with high availability and cost-effectiveness in mind. We provide end to end application and data migration services with Multi cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, GCP
02 /08

Disaster Recovery

In the age of hyperconnectivity, key to maintain the edge is to be prepared for any scenario that can negatively affect service availability. Our swift response helps us to secure critical business data and maintain uptime. By providing multiple layer security cover for both on-premise and cloud infrastructure vital for successful IT operations.
03 /08

Managed Services

Don’t let the complex world of cloud offerings stops you to embrace modern development platforms and technologies. Managed services help IT workloads to make use of the latest tools and technologies hassle-free. Our transparent approach vitals for cloud adoption ensures robust client support and leave you to focus on your core business product rather than managing underlining operations and infrastructure.
04 /08


Take advantage of the coordinated development and deployment process in the age of global market. Our hands-on experience with a vast set of enabling technology helps in developing methodology which suits for heterogeneous teams while collaborating in real time. We empower teams responsible for development by imparting early adoption of best practices along with timely delivery. Our clients count on us while spreading their development and operations globally.
05 /08

Big Data

One-stop solution for managing and processing big data. Empowers innovation through managing Big data. Our expertise includes both on premise and cloud infrastructure. We harness intelligent decision making based on data analytics to solve real-world problems by introducing organization and team with powerful tools.
Big Data
06 /08


Open a new dimension for your business offering by utilizing the power of IOT. Our end to end support for IOT comprises design, build and deployment of workloads crafted for utilizing the full potential of IOT. Leveraging our experience with cross-section implementation technique simplifies the process of development and deployment of IoT based applications.
07 /08


Take complete control of your development and operations cycle by securing yourself from cyber attacks. Provide a proactive security approach for your mission-critical data and business operations. We are responsible for providing monitoring and alerting you about potential loopholes before any incident happens.
08 /08

Advisory Services

Our experience with a vast array of platforms and technologies enables us to apply our learning to help teams with a diverse set of phases of development and operations. Sharing our experience of the latest technology fuels our passion to develop new ways to solve new problems. We constantly improve client satisfaction in the process we improve ourselves. Our advisory domain spreads to various phases of the development cycle and deployment by using cutting edge tools.
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